WHAT is Nashpreneurs?

Nashpreneurs is a crowd-sourced collection of content, curated specifically for entrepreneurs in the Nashville area. We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their experiences, find relevant content that will help them succeed and create a digital community of small business owners.

There are two facets to the Nashpreneurs platform. The first is our live, digital library of resources that is curated by the Nashpreneurs team with your help. Anyone can submit a post, article or link to this collection by following the instructions found on our "Join the Conversation" page. When you share your content with our community, you can expand your audience and help grow your business.

We also provide a way to connect in-person with our events calendar. Though our team does curate events from business-focused organizations around Nashville, we also allow anyone to submit their event for review. If you are looking for a way to bring Nashville entrepreneurs to your next event, add it to the event calendar today.